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The platform


Engagement meets education

Espy will be a digital platform that connects kids to Australian destinations

Espy will take your family holidays to the next level, turning your kids from literal backseat passengers into active and excited participants in your holidays!

Step 1. Choose your Australian holiday destination.

Step 2. Download module onto your child's tablet

Step 3. Let your child explore the module while on your way to your holiday destination!

Step 4. Relax knowing your child is exploring a bespoke digital experience that sneakily educates as well as entertains

Using Espy will be easy


Bonus Step. Experience the joy of seeing your child become the family's tour guide!









And many more...


Are We There Yet? Podcast

Espy Travel's mission is to connect families, show some love for our wonderful Australian destinations as well as keep the peace on long car trips (that's a bonus feature!)


In this spirit we have created the free Are We There Yet? Gameshow podcast. In each episode you'll find interactive quizzes and games for the whole family to play along.

Of course, you don't have to be in a car to play, join us from your loungeroom, or while you are travelling by plane, submarine, unicycle...

Find us on Spotify, Google podcast, iTunes...on a hot air balloon...usual places

Have you found one of our posters? Tell us where you saw it and we will give the kind hosts a shout-out on the podcast! Click here


The Very Offical and Serious Are We There Yet? Scorecards

Kids, you want to beat your parents in style.

Parents, you want to make sure your kids are not adding sneaky points.

Everyone wants to use these schmancy scorecards to play along.


Select your favourite and click to download.

Connecting kids to country

Espy Travel
strongly believes
that Aboriginal
knowledge should be respected and learned alongside our own.


Espy is so proud to announce the first content partnership with the traditional owners of Uluru, Aangu along with Parks Australia.

Together, we will collaborate on content for the Uluru module, including interactive activities, games and stories to present in the Espy platform.

This means kids get access to traditional knowledge and start forming an understanding of why this place is so special, directly from Aangu themselves.

In return, the community will get a percentage of all sales made from the Uluru module of Espy.

Espy is looking to partner with interested Traditional Owner organisations for destinations all around Australia.

If you are interested in collaborating for your destination, click here to start a conversation. 

Traditional knowledge curated by Traditional Owners.