G'day, I'm Sarah the proud founder of Espy Travel!

I love travelling with my girls and Espy was born during a trip to Uluru. We drove three days across the country to get there. That was my first challenge, entertaining my girls who were then 7 and 9 for that length of time in the car...there are only so many rounds of ispy I can handle!


Once there I spent a lot of my time reading the interpretive signs and then reinterpreting the signs to highlight the tidbits that the girls would be interested in as well as what they could understand at their ages. 


We loved the trip but my goodness I felt like there was something missing. And as a digital educator, I knew I could do better. Enter Espy!

I live in a beautful part of North east Victoria and embrace all the region has to offer.

Drop me a line anytime if you have ideas, feedback or if you need me to mediate a family dispute that erupted during a game of Are We There Yet?